#GetGhandi at Z Below

Many years ago over the course of five years or so, I saw a number of Anne Galjour’s plays. They had a real mystery to them and it felt as if she were discovering and shaping new worlds right before us, or at least ones we rarely see. One piece ended with a young girl imagining herself in the middle of a dance floor, enveloped in a sea of light. That moment had the quality of a dream storming into reality. I’ve never quite forgotten it and have always thought that Galjour was an artist with a special feeling for theatrical form.

#GetGandhi, her self-proclaimed “radical feminist comedy,” seems the work of an altogether different artist, say an alternate Anne Galjour whose only notion of drama is 1980’s television sitcoms, and bad ones at that. Instead of a play that is restless, searching, and alert to new possibilities, #GetGandhi is merely a concept drowning in cliches.

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