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Schaubuhne's 'An Enemy of the People' Leads Us To Our Own Interrogation And That's Great

If An Enemy of the People is a battle about truth, both play and production relentlessly pursue its aesthetic correlative: how to depict reality. Today, Ibsen’s realism has become—in a greatly diluted form—ours. By embracing aggressive, non-realistic staging techniques, Ostemeier re-imagines Ibsen’s most radical goals of representing the world, and in fact demands that his production make us feel the shock of it, the shock of what is actually in front of us.

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The Best of Bay Area Theater in 2017

In these end days of the year and perhaps the country, we might ask, just to while away the time, what we want from our American plays.

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The Wildest Theater of 2015

Every end-of-year-theater list is a lie and a dream. A lie because they’re always wrong, and a dream because you forget almost everything. What we’re left with are the shards and fragments of lasting feelings -- the stuff that you can’t shake months, years or even a lifetime later.

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