Go to 'Church'

Young Jean Lee’s Church begins in the dark, which is always a great place to start an evening at the theater or a religious service. Darkness creates a sense of equality. It disrupts our sense of the world—all the psychic muck that we bring to every occasion—and, best of all, calms us down. When the soothing voice of Reverend José (a brilliant and assured Lawrence Redecker) pierces the Potrero Playhouse, we’re ready. You might ask, “Ready for what?” And I would say for contemplating your soul, which is more or less what happens during the Reverend’s opening speech. His initial parable ends with the injunction to “open your eyes!” and the effect is so complete that Lee’s clever pun doesn’t feel smart or ironic.

‘Church’ runs through October 6 at the Potrero Playhouse in San Francisco. For tickets and information click here. For the full review click here.